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61 piece RTVE Orchestral Recording


Recording Day Information

Recording Day: July 25th 2023

Time: 10:00

Location: Teatro Monumental, Madrid

Calle de Atocha, 65, 28012 Madrid

Attendance Options: Online .  In Person

Strictly Limited Number of Recording Places Available

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Your chance to have your own original music performed and recorded by Spains national broadcasting orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of Radio Televisión Spain RTVE. You will receive the very best attention from the faculty, our producer, the conductor and orchestra players, before, during and after your recording, thus giving you the ultimate top experience. A truly amazing opportunity to further your career development, your professional experiences and above all hear your music in its intended form, played beautifully by the RTVE orchestra.

What does the recording offer?

This amazing recording session will offer participants the opportunity to experience first hand, a professional recording of the highest level, and are capable of doing so again. Spearheaded by our producer and performed by Spains national broadcast Orchestra, you will have access to create a live RTVE orchestral recording of your own original composition, with an option to conduct your recording. (Covid 19 regulations may restrict this option). Bringing you along side other established artists who have performed or recorded with the world famous RTVE Orchestra!

Who should apply?

Participants looking for live recording experience with a large scale orchestra. Who are aiming to develop their portfolio for work· project pitches or college applications, scholarship application opportunities, to share with producers and directors, or to secure contracts.

Composers who are aiming to tell prospective clients, producers and directors that they have had successful experience recording live. Can demonstrate their high quality professional recording, and how well they executed the recording workflow, with the orchestra, the conductor, and producer, all in a professional environment.

Participants who would like to conduct an orchestra, gain experience conducting to a click track or conducting free time, and for those who are aiming to experience working with our orchestrators, sharing ideas and best practices for your composition. Currently conducting is unavailable due to the Coronavirus restrictions, this may change by July.

What's Included

15 minutes recording (approx) with the 60 piece RTVE orchestra

Studio Manager

Digital or Printed Score and Parts Printing

Full copyright and ownership of your recording

All audio files of your recording

All parts digitally transferred after the recording

Your multiple camera video recording of your composition

A professional RTVE orchestral recording of your original composition. This is a first class accompaniment for your professional portfolio, allowing you to share with prospective clients, producers and directors your abilities to work and manage a professional orchestra.

Additionally you may wish to use this opportunity to pitch for contracts offering an orchestral recording  for a main title, short or cues, elevating your work from  conventional sample library recordings, whilst helping finance your recording. This will require a new individual commercial contract. See faq 25 for details.


Participants can choose to record their main title composed during the GEMS program for Christopher Youngs final assignment. Alternatively, record a different composition. All compositions must be original and for non commercial use. (faq 25)

Your Orchestra

The 61 piece orchestral instrumental plan 2023

Wood Winds:

2 flutes

2 oboe

2 clarinets

2 bassoon



4 French Horn

2 Trumpets

2 Trombones

1 Tuba



12 First violins

10 Second violins

8 Violas

6 Celli

4 Double Bass



1 timpani

2 players for orchestral percussion maximum 2 instruments for each player

1 Harp

Sufficient time must be provided in your score for players to switch instruments during the recording of your composition.

RTVE Radio 3

Recording your composition will be the National Radio 3 studio.

Digital Scores

Your score and parts are now digital, read by the players on interactive screens

In English
The GEMS RTVE Orchestral Recording, Spain will be available in English or Spanish. You will need the ability to speak, understand and work in English or Spanish. Your GEMS Conductor is bi-lingual. Who will be there: the Librarian, Orchestra Manager, Studio Manager, ConcertMaster, Members of the Orchestra, Technical team, Producer and Production Assistant, GEMS Photo and Video Team. Language support will be available during your orchestral recording.


July 25th 2023


Recording schedule approximately:

Morning Session: 10:00 - 13:30

Afternoon Session: 15:30 - 18:00

Lunch Times

Recording schedule approximately:

13:30 - 15:30


Teatro Monumental, Madrid

Calle de Atocha, 65, 28012 Madrid

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees and deposits can be made by bank transfer or via our website in the Tuition Fees tab.  See FAQ 24 for full details.


Dr.Juanjo Molina   Conductor

GEMS Faculty Francesco Menini.jpg

Dr.Francesco Menini 

Librarian Manager

GEMS Music.jpg

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Video Production


RTVE Orchestral Recordings

Videos, Interviews, Recordings

Members of the orchestra performing stud


Piotr Nermer conferring with the conduct





Past Program Highlights

Irish Film Composer Clare Martyn putting

How to Apply

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