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Hello everyone! My name is Jordan Jones and I am a composer and pianist from Seattle, Washington, USA. My musical journey has been quite eclectic so far and has involved a lot of experimentation with different styles across the musical landscape.

Throughout my time growing up, I cycled through many different instruments until I settled with piano, which further led me to compose. Additionally, I have been highly active throughout the Seattle-area as a singer/songwriter and jazz musician working as a drummer and keyboardist for live gigs and recording sessions while later on pursuing training in classical/jazz piano, voice, as well as singing tenor in the chamber choir at my university.

My composition journey truly started in the middle of college when I decided to apply to study as a composition major at Central Washington University. I distinctly remember watching a movie one night and hearing the music of Jerry Goldsmith in the soundtrack which had a huge impact on my decision to study composition for the purpose of eventually branching out into film scoring (hence, why I am here!)

As a composer, I have always been interested in story-telling through music and have had a fascination with writing programatic pieces based off a narrative, short story, poem, image, or any extra-musical element for the purpose of musical description. It made sense, therefore, to expand to film and media scoring, which is the ultimate form of this kind of writing in my opinion.

Musically speaking, I've always enjoyed using melodies, and modes. I take much influence from impressionist composers such as Ravel in terms of harmony and orchestration, as well as composers such as Ryuichi Sakamoto for jazz/neo soul elements. I look forward to meeting you all and hearing your music!

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