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Joshua Wright


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Meet Joshua Wright


Music has been an integral part of my life from a young age. I have vivid memories of visiting music shops with my dad, where I would spend hours messing around with synthesizers. The array of buttons, knobs, and keys fascinated me, and I loved experimenting with the different sounds I could create despite half of them not being plugged in. These early experiences sparked a deep curiosity about music for me.

My father played a significant role in nurturing this curiosity. I often accompanied him to his office, observing the composition process firsthand. Watching him work, I gained an appreciation for the intricacies involved in creating music. This exposure laid a strong foundation for my musical journey.

My formal music education began at school, where I started learning the basics of composition. I was thrilled to apply these skills to my passion for pixel art, composing music to accompany my visual creations. This fusion of art forms allowed me to express myself in unique and imaginative ways.

Eager to deepen my understanding of music, I joined extra music classes and became a member of my school's orchestra. This experience was eye-opening, as I learned how music is arranged, performed, and brought to life by a group of musicians. Seeing an orchestra in action, I realized the power of collective musical expression.

Most recently, I took on the challenge of arranging for a string quartet as part of a music summative for a short film. This project was a significant milestone, as it allowed me to apply my skills in a practical setting and see the impact of my work. It has also given me confidence and enthusiasm for my future endeavours in this course.

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