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Levente Kovacs

Levente Kovacs


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Meet Levente Kovacs

I am a composer and pianist specializing in film music.

I frequently work with the Vienna Symphonic Library, producing audio demos for their upcoming sample libraries. I enjoy working with samples and find the mixing process quite interesting. My biggest skill is writing memorable themes and melodies. My favorite composer is John Williams, whose music inspired me to become a composer.

I am originally from Hungary, where I lived until I graduated from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. Since there was no master's program in film composition there, I moved to Vienna to continue my studies.

Alongside my university education, I attended numerous masterclasses to gain experience. The most important one was the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop in Los Angeles (2017). At the end of the workshop, I recorded my music to a scene from Cinderella at the Newman Scoring Stage. I have been involved in some major arrangement projects. In 2017, I arranged a large Game of Thrones Concert in Budapest.

In 2021 I had the chance to score a Ukrainian war drama called Sniper. The White Raven. Over the years, I have won several prizes. I finished 2nd at the Wiener Filmmusik Preis and the Pannonia International Film Music Competition. In 2019, I won 1st prize at the German Game Music Award. Recently, I won the Score Live Theme Tune Competition and, about a week later, the Call for Scores contest. Last year, I wrote my first orchestral concert piece: Tomoko’s Quest for Happiness. It was heavily influenced by the anime genre, but I’ve tried to incorporate my own musical language into it. Through this piece, I explored the possibilities of musical storytelling without the limitations of working with picture.

My goal for the future is to become a full-time composer for films and games.


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