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GEMS Christopher Young Film Scoring Program


Season '23 Program Information

First Day: July 14th 2022

Last Day: July 21st 2022

Location: Spain

Attendance Options: Online, In Person, both

Film Scoring Summer Program Tuition Fee:  2995€

March Discount Summer Program Tuition Fee: 2500€

Christopher Young Program Tuition Fee: 1600€

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Christopher Young is a Hollywood A list composer. Professor at USC teaching in the world renown Screen Scoring program. A Golden Globe nominated composer whose credits include such horror films as Drag Me to Hell, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser and Spiderman 3 for which he received the Film & TV Music Award for best score for a dramatic feature film.

Christopher Young, the maestro is returning to teach his fantastic, exciting and dynamic Film Scoring Program. A once in a life time opportunity to meet, work and be mentored by Christopher Young and without doubt, going to be our best program yet!

What does the program offer?

This intensive program offers what the contemporary composer needs to know to work in film scoring. Participants will receive an immersive program from Christopher Young. Three class assignments and reviews of participant compositions during the program, an individual one on one mentor session and conclude the program with a massive 61 piece Orchestral Recording with RTVE.

Who should apply?

Participants attending this program will want to learn new and additional compositional craft skills from a A list Hollywood film composer. Are keen to create a memorable main title. Are DAW proficient. Looking to be guided and exposed to a whole range of scoring techniques for different style film cues. horror, thriller, suspense, comedy, drama, horror, action and romance, super hero. Learn about the process of working with top Hollywood Directors. Experience industry standard workflows. Interest in collaboration techniques with directors. Network with fellow global composers. Be mentored by Christopher Young. Above all, tell a story through music.

What to bring

Enthusiasm, Passion, Originality! You will also need experience in music theory. Have ideas about composing for Film. A laptop with a DAW installed, for example “Sibelius”, “Logic”. An optional midi keyboard. Your music burned to a CD.

What's Included

Christopher Young Film Scoring Program

Mentoring 1 to 1 session with Christopher Young

Awards, scores, t-shirt, certificates

Once successfully completed, you will be able to focus on song form and create memorable main titles. Have best practices for faster composition methods and greater understanding of notation techniques and instrumentation selection. Be able to locate, identify and access your creative arsenal. Have your original composition recorded by a professional film scoring orchestra for your portfolio. Be mentored by Christopher Young and use this experience and guidance to further develop your professional career. Build a network with fellow composers, guest speakers the faculty and the orchestra.

Message from Christopher Young
"My core objectives for the course are threefold: Firstly, to demonstrate the importance of melody & improve your ability to write memorably melodies in song form. Secondly, to pass on my knowledge of useful techniques and devices for scoring horror, thriller, suspense, comedy, drama, horror, action and romance, super hero films through discussion and analysis. Thirdly, to improve your ability to think on your feet. Class assignments will give you the opportunity to explore these issues in your own writing and analyses of other scores. See you in Spain."

In English
The GEMS Christopher Young Film Scoring Program, Spain will be delivered in English. You will need the ability to speak, understand and work in English. Bi-lingual Faculty support will be available during classes, mentoring session, and orchestral recording.



Please note, dates, tutors and details are subject to change

Lunch Times

13:30 - 15:30

Program Location


Recording Location


Teatro Monumental
Calle de Atocha,
65 Madrid 28012

Individual Programs · GEMS Members

Due to limited time, participants on the full GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program are prioritised for all one-on-one sessions. Returning GEMS composers and participants on individual program for Christopher Young  could be offered a one-on-one mentor session, dependant upon availability.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees and deposits can be made by bank transfer or via our website in the Tuition Fees tab.  See FAQs for full details.

HI RES Image of CY at Tree.jpg

Christopher Young  Program Instructor

Juanjo GEMS Faculty.jpg

Juanjo Molina 

Assistant to all Tutors Conductor


GEMS Francesco Menini 2.jpeg

Francesco Menini  Orchestration Instructor


Nigel Ashley Lees  Program Director



What's Included

Old Fashioned Film Camera

Christopher Young

Film Scoring Program

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5 star award
GEMS Graduation_edited.jpg


Christopher chooses GEMS

Why Live Recordings

Videos, Interviews, Recordings

Members of the orchestra performing stud


Piotr Nermer conferring with the conduct





Past Program Highlights

Irish Film Composer Clare Martyn putting

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Film Scoring Summer Program

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Film Scoring Summer Program

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Film Scoring Program Tuition Fee


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How to Apply

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