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Garry Schyman

BAFTA award winning Video Game Composer Garry Schyman arrived in Madrid, Spain September 2017, for his first Video Game scoring program in Spain.


Joining Garry were amazing, creative students & professional composers from all over Spain. The program concluded with students attending the premier of BioShock Symphonic Suite performed by Orquesta Metropolitana.


"GEMS is a fantastic organisation"

Garry Schyman

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The Masterclass

Participants had an amazing one day masterclass in how to write for Video Game, with BAFTA winner Garry Schyman, including writing combat/action music, adaptive music, how it works & aleatoric techniques. 


"an excellent program"

Guillermo Corral


Our sponsor awards partner Warners Entertainment, provided the new 2017 Shadow of War Video Game. The score had been recently written, conducted & recorded by Garry Schyman and featured in the newly released Video Game.

Meet Shadow of War winners here


"100% recommended!"

Marc Clema

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After Concert

After party at with the conductor of the Orquesta Metropolitana, at the Auditorio Naciónal de Musicawith and fellow video game composers.


"exciting and  educational"

Guillermo Coral

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Partner College

Facilitating this unique summer program were our host partner, the renowned and specialized Audio Visual College CEV, in Madrid.

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"amazing group of students"

Garry Schyman


Participants got the chance to write and submit a piece of music, prior to the program, or share a compositional piece there and then for Garry Schyman to review.


"first rate education opportunities"

Garry Schyman

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All the participants were invited to join Garry Schyman to his world premier of the BioShock Symphonic Suite, performed by the  Orquesta Metropolitana, at the Auditorio Naciónal de Musica. An amazing concert at a beautiful concert hall.

Watch the standing ovation here

BioShock Symphonic Suite I II III  The A

"a very emotional experience"

Garry Schyman

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End of Program

Attending the  Garry Schyman Masterclass is an absolute joy for everyone, making new great friends and having a wonderful creative experience.


"all I could have wished for"

Marc Clema

Taking to the Maestro Garry Schyman
The Interview

We sat down with Garry Schyman in the studio for an interview about what participants could expect from the Masterclass and get some insights in to his brilliant scoring career.

Watch the interview here

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"hope to work agai with GEMS"

Garry Schyman


Each participant took home their own signed solo piano scores from the video game, BioShock & BioShock 2 with a personal message added from Garry Schyman.


"I enjoyed my lecture in Madrid"

Garry Schyman


A reporter with Spains leading national news paper El País, visited us behind the scenes, prior to the concert, for an article in El País following day.

Garry Schyman AfterShock here


"an unforgettable experience!"

Garry Schyman

Garry Schyman Program Highlights 2017