GEMS Film Scoring & Orchestration Program


Summer Program Information

First Day: July 5th 2021

Last Day: July 12th 2021

Location: Madrid, Spain

Attendance Options: Online, In Person, both

Standard Tuition Fee: 1900€

GEMS Members Tuition Fee: 1600€

ScoreLive 24 runnerups Tuition Fee: 1600€

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Now in its fifth year, the GEMS Scoring Full Program is a professional immersive experience, bringing together amazing, creative students from all over the world, to study, work and record with award winning music industry specialists in Composition, Orchestration, Production and Live Recording.

Participants will receive 8 days program online, in person or your personal combination of both, with our instructors, our award winning Hollywood orchestrators program, including a 40 piece orchestral recording of their composition with Symphonic Orchestra of Spanish Radio Television, RTVE!


A once in a life time opportunity to meet and study under Pete Anthony, whilst developing your professional career. Without doubt, its going to be our best program yet!


What does the program offer?

This intensive program covers the entire creative arc for scoring for film and visual media. Participants will receive a Bootcamp, Composition and Score Preperation program, an Orchestration Program with Pete Anthony and conclude the program with a massive 40 piece Orchestral Recordings from an internationally Symphonic Orchestra of Spanish Radio Television RTVE!


Who should apply?

Participants attending this program will want to learn new and additional orchestration craft skills from a A list Hollywood Film orchestrator. Are keen to create a composition during the program. Be DAW proficient. Looking to be guided and exposed to a whole range of scoring, orchestration  and recording techniques for different style main titles and cues. Learn about the process of working with top Hollywood Composers. Experience industry standard workflows, collaborations and best practices delivered by award winning specialists. Network with fellow global composers. Record with Spains most prominent
Symphonic Orchestra of Spanish Radio Television RTVE. Discover professional career development options to further your career. Above all, tell a story through music.

Participants attending this program will want to learn new and additional orchestration craft skills from our A list Hollywood orchestrator, and apply these techniques to both your own work or other composers work. Looking to be guided and exposed to a whole range of orchestration techniques for film and visual media. Learn about the process of orchestration for top Hollywood Composers. Experience industry standard workflows, collaborations and best practices and meet and network with like minded composers.


Strictly limited number of places available on the full program with the 40 piece orchestral recordings.

Participants looking for 40 piece orchestra live recording experience. Composers who are aiming to tell prospective clients, producers and directors that they have had successful experience recording live. Can demonstrate a high quality professional recording, and how well they executed the workflow, with the orchestra, the conductor, and producer. Participants are aiming to develop their portfolio for college applications, scholarship applications, share with producers and directors, or to secure contracts. Participants looking for experience working with Spains hightest profile Symphonic Orchestra of Spanish Radio Television RTVE and who want to gain ideas and best practices from this fully professional experience.

What to bring

Enthusiasm, Passion, Originality! You will also need experience in music theory. Have ideas about composing for Film, Game & Visual Media. A laptop with a DAW installed, Sibelius recommended. An optional midi keyboard. Your music burned to a CD. faq software

What's Included

GEMS Film Scoring Program

GEMS Pete Anthony Orchestration Program

40 Piece RTVE Symphonic Orchestra of Spanish Radio Television Recording

Lunch with the Tutors

Video of your Orchestral Recording tbc

Pro tools sessions

Full copyright and ownership of your recording

Guest Speaker classes

3 Native Instruments Komplete 12 Awards

Awards, scores, t-shirt, certificates

End of Program Flamenco Party


Once successfully completed, participants will gain an intimate knowledge of, and familiarity with, the sonority, range, and unique dramatic aspects of all major orchestral instruments. This will provide them with the additional skills needed for a successful career composing and orchestrating for film, game and visual media.



Participants will complete the program with a Professional 40 piece Orchestral Recording of their original composition created during the program or bring in their own composition to record. This is a first class accompaniment for your professional portfolio, allowing you to share with prospective clients, producers and directors your abilities to work with a professional orchestra. Additionally you may wish to use this opportunity to pitch for contracts offering a live 40 piece orchestral recording, for a main title, short or cues, elevating your work from conventional sample library recordings, whilst helping finance your recording.


Message from founder Nigel Ashley Lees

I am proud to welcome you to the 2021 GEMS Film Scoring Program. Our GEMS program provide the contemporary composer with an immersive experience that gives you opportunities to grow creatively, develop new craft skills, meet like minded musicians, study with established composers, in an enthusiastic, enjoyable, safe and purposeful program.

Each year we are improving your creative experience. This year, we are introducing a truly unbeliviable opportunty to have your own compositions reocrdded by Spains national
Symphonic Orchestra of Spanish Radio Television RTVE to give you a full professional experience and canvas upon which to compose. Due to the current Covid restirctions we have limited the size of the orchestra to a 40 piece orchestra, allowing participants to composer for a big sound main title or any of their own compositions.  Finally we are launching our Hollywood Composers Residence. An amazing opportunity to put you and your music in the heart of Hollywood.


This is the perfect starting point for musicians, composers, performers & producers, who want to explore scoring for Visual Media. We look forward to welcoming you to Spain.

In English
The GEMS Film Scoring Program, Spain will be delivered in English. You will need the ability to speak, understand and work in English. Bi-lingual Faculty support will be available during classes, mentoring session, and orchestral recording.


July 05:   Pete Anthony Orchestration Program 3 hours

July 06:   Pete Anthony Orchestration Program 3 hours

July 07:   Pete Anthony Orchestration Program 3 hours

July 08:   Pete Anthony Orchestration Program 6 hours

Please note, Online Class times are currently being orgnaised. Dates, tutors and all program details are subject to change

Lunch Times

The lunch schedule will be set on the first day of the program


Madrid, Spain

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees and deposits can be made by bank transfer or via our website in the Tuition Fees tab.  See FAQs for full details.

Covid 19

Covid guides and protocols at the dates of the program, will apply to the in person program, the classroom enviroment, the orchestral recording, lunch with the tutor, the Flamenco night, and all other Covid 19 general practices.

Juanjo Molina 

Program Instructor Conductor

Francesco Menini  Orchestration Instructor

 Tutor Assistant

Nigel Ashley Lees   Program Director



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Standard Tuition Fee


GEMS members Tuition Fee


ScoreLive 24 Runners up Tuition Fee


Tuition Fee Deadline

June 14th 2021

How to Apply

Summer Program SPAIN
July 2021