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GEMS Garry Schyman Game Scoring Program


Season '22 Program Information

First Day: July 9th 2022

Last Day: July 10th 2022

Location: Madrid, Spain

Attendance Options: Online, In Person, both

Film Scoring Summer Program Tuition Fee:  2895€

March Discount Summer Program Tuition Fee: 2500€

Garry Schyman  Program Tuition Fee: 600€

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This program is an opportunity for composers who are interested in scoring for video game or cross over techniques between film and game scoring. Participants are taught amazing scoring craft skills, given assignment challenges and receive reviews of their compositions. Garry Schyman video game scores have brought critical acclaim and industry recognition, Garry is a BAFTA winning and BAFTA nominated Hollywood A list video game composer. Garry Schyman is one of the most impressive scoring voices in the genre of video game music, from Bioshock, Shadow of Mordor, Destroy All Humans, Shadow of War, to his latest composition for VR Game, Torn. Garry Schyman is Adjunct Professor at USC teaching in the world renown Screen Scoring program since 2010. A once in a life time opportunity to meet, study and be mentored by Garry Schyman.


What does the program offer?

This intensive program offers what the contemporary composer needs to know to work in games. The types of music used in video game and how they are differentiated. From getting started in game scoring to an overview, how it works and what affects it has on how the composer writes his/her score. Transferable compositional skills from game to film. A review of participant compositions or an assignment to be completed prior to the course reviewed by Garry Schyman.


Who should apply?

Participants attending this program will require an interest in Scoring for Video Game, and keen to create memorable game cues. Will want to learn new and additional compositional  craft skills from a A list Hollywood game composer. Have an interest in composing, using combat, action, aleatoric techniques. Gain insights in to the specific software required and the process of composing and recording for Video Game. Understand working for a Video Game studio, client, director, producer. Participants who would like a critic of their music, and experience Video Game industry standard workflows and best practices taught by Garry Schyman.


What to bring

Enthusiasm, Passion, Originality! You will also need experience in music theory. Have ideas about composing for Film, Game & Visual Media. A laptop with a DAW installed, for example “Sibelius”, “Logic”.

What's Included

Garry Schyman Video Game Scoring Program

Scores, T-shirt, certificates

Once the GEMS Garry Schyman Video Game Program is successfully completed, participants can focus on incorporating compositions using combat, action, aleatoric techniques. Understand the affects of adaptive music on your compositions. Further understanding of Video Games software composition options. Understanding compositional diversity for Video Games. Meet and network with like minded composers. Use this experience to develop your professional career towards working in Video Gaming.

Message from Garry Schyman

"Looking forward to seeing you in Spain, again!"

In English
The GEMS Garry Schyman Video Game Scoring Program, Spain will be delivered in English. You will need the ability to speak, understand and work in English. Bi-lingual Faculty support will be available during classes.


First Day: July 9th 2022

Last Day: July 10th 2022

Please note, dates, tutors and details are subject to change

Program Location

Calle Gaztambide 65
28015 España

Recording Location


Teatro Monumental
Calle de Atocha,
65 Madrid 28012

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees and deposits can be made by bank transfer or via our website in the Tuition Fees tab.  See FAQs for full details.


Garry Schyman   Program Instructor

Juanjo GEMS Faculty.jpg

Juanjo Molina 

Head Assistant Conductor


GEMS Francesco Menini 2.jpeg

Francesco Menini  Assistant to

Garry Schyman


Nigel Ashley Lees  Program Director



What's Included

Robot playing with toy


Piotr Nermer conferring with the conduct


GS Itinerary


GEMS Garry Schyman Class 61.jpg

Past Program Highlights


Interview with Garry

Video Game Tuition Fee

Film Scoring Summer Program

Standard Tuition Fee


Film Scoring Summer Program

MARCH 395€ Discount


Video Game Program Tuition Fee


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How to Apply

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