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3rd day at GEMS2021: This was expected to be intense

As the days go by, the pace of work increases. This morning I was hard at work on the piece I'm going to present to Pete.

Today we start with Neil Brand. He was talking about Soundesign as a score. I really like how multifaceted these classes are. We hit all the right notes, it inspires and reaffirms the idea that the world of film scoring has room for any kind of composer who simply wants to pour out some passion.

The 3rd orchestration session by Pete Anthony was on woodwinds. The spice, the detail, what makes the difference. Honestly, the woodwinds have often been an Achilles heel for me, and I haven't made the most of them. After the review we've done with Pete, I feel it's not going to be so difficult for me from now on. The intensity in the registers, the change of colour, the breathing, their volume within the ensemble and their blend with other instruments. All these massive notes have to be put into practice, and only then will they be internalised. Learn to learn.

Then we started a part that I find very interesting, because we started to present our work to Pete. What a great bunch we have in our midst. How many influences, how many paths and personal experiences can be perceived in each listening. No two composers are the same and that is definitely an element of cohesion between us.

And to finish the day, we had Alexander Vangelos from First Artist Management, who was talking about agents fighting for contracts and negotiation on the part of the composers. He was giving us tips so that whether we are composers who aspire to be at the top, or just want to make a living, we have an easier time getting to where we want to be.

All in all, it's been an amazing day, but I can't say it's over yet. This was expected to be intense.

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