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Flamenco night with our tutors! 💃🏻

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

I loved flamenco since I was a kid and always wished to experience it live so this was another dream come true for me and it was truly lovely to be able to share this experience with my colleagues and our GEMS Summer Program tutors! 😍

It was a wonderful night filled with loads of good vibes, great music, impressive performance, loads of sangria and amazing people 😍🖤🎶 It was a great way to say goodbye to Christopher & Garry! 🖤🎶

A wonderful memory that will stick with me forever! 🖤💃🏻🎶 Thanks to GEMS Summer Program and to Nigel the founder of GEMS for this great annual Flamenco night he includes as part of the GEMS Summer Program

Part of the GEMS 2019 film game and orchestration summer program Spain

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