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GEMS goes to Hollywood - meet Andrés

Each year the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program organise for our students to visit and stay with Christopher Young in Los Angeles. WOW! Many participants from the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program have benefited from this amazing opportunity placing them in the heart of Hollywood with an amazing Hollywood host. Check out their stories.

GEMS goes to Hollywood - meet Andrés:

Andrés Hernández Pena is Spanish composer from Llogroño, who joined the 2019 GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program. As part of joining the GEMS program, Andrés and wife went to stay with Christopher Young in Los Angeles in 2019.

GEMS goes to Hollywood - meet Andrés I was privileged to take part in this course where Garry Schyman, Pete Anthony taught and in which Christopher Young took the role of a mentor for me after the course and thanks to the incredible hospitality of Christopher Young, I was lucky enough to be able to visit Los Angeles in November as part of my wife and I’s honeymoon. It is an immense and interesting city, full of opportunities to find a role within the film industry.

We visited iconic spots like Santa Monica beach, the Walk of Fame, the Griffith Observatory or the Universal Studios among many other amazing places.

And on top of that we had the chance to meet the team that works with Christopher Young in his studio, a place full of charm where we got together with our friend Sebastian Ruiz who attended the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program twice, and now works as an assistant in the studio.

During those five days we enjoyed unforgettable experiences and the kindness of Sebastian and Christopher who were always attentive to anything we could need.

I hope to return soon to further my exploration of this great city and get closer to the opportunities offered by the mecca of cinema.


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