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Homework after the program

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Even though we have completed our GEMS Summer Program on July 11,2019 we still have homework to finish.

As during the sessions with our amazing teachers who have shared with us huge list of the things to be familiar with.

For example: to check, listen and analyze the pieces of the classical and modern composers, and film composers which was recommended by Christopher Young.

Also to listen and analyze the orchestration of the scores which Pete Anthony was so kind to share with us.

And of course to play yourself and check music in video games - recommended by Garry Schyman.

Surely this not a full list of what I’m going to check and will go through as my list is way longer as during the GEMS Summer Program we were covering so many different aspects of music and not only that I’m curios to know more.

Part of the GEMS 2019 film game and orchestration summer program Spain

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