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Sponsor a composer

Help make a dream come true for one or more young composers from all over the world looking to make their way in to the Global Entertainment Industry as a composer for Film, TV and video game.

By sponsoring a composer, a friend, or a member of your family and making a personal or a company contribution towards their tuition fee, you will be helping support and elevate their career development giving them professional experiences studying with some of the best award winning Composers in Hollywood, and recording their original music with a live orchestra here in Spain.

Sponsor by purchasing one or more individual one day passes for your recipient. Each one day pass is 300€. This will allow the recipient to attend for one day of the Film Scoring Summer Program in Spain.

Your 300€s will be awarded to your named recipient or for your selected sponsor option below and used to pay the daily tuition fee. You can sponsor multiple times. You may also use the one day pass and help reduce a participants tuition fee for any of the advertised programs they have joined.Sponsors can choose to remain anonymous.

Sponsors can choose to be acknowledged on our website.Complete the form below then click on the red sponsor button which will take you to the next step where you can choose to pay via via credit card or paypal.

Thank you for your support!

1 Meet the GEMS Composer · Ayaka Nakamoto.jpg
Summer Program SPAIN
July 2024
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