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Yağmur Uckardes


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Hello! My name is Yağmur Üçkardeş.

I am a singer, songwriter and composer (film focused) based in Istanbul, Turkey. I also do voice acting for films and shows, voice-overs for documentaries and producing musical content for social media.

I graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University in September 2022. I studied double major. My majors are music (composition & music technologies) and media (new media & communication


Music has always had a huge part in my life. I started to take private piano lessons at the age of 9 and started to play guitar & ukulele at the age of 14. My interest in singing increased especially by playing songs on the guitar. When I was in high school, I decided to get more into creating my own works. I started writing songs. At university, composing became a serious passion and I composed for string quartets. I made soundtracks.

In June 2022, an event that would be a turning point for my composition career took place. "Imprisoned Reality", one of the pieces I composed as a music department graduation project, was selected to be performed at Bilgi New Music festival (an important festival in the field of contemporary art music) which has been held for 13 years in Turkey.

I released 2 singles in the style of pop in the fall of 2023.


Featured Awards

I won the first prize at 7th TRT Future Communicators Competition in the category of Digital Video Content Format with my project "Digital Music Dictionary". (TRT is Turkey's oldest and largest television channel.) (October, 2021)