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The GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program, Spain is designed for composers, musicians and creative innovators, of any age, nationality and country of residence, who are or could be able to work as a composer in the global film and visual media industry. We seek passionate, focused and motivated participants who are innovative and ready to learn, contribute and create. Composers who feel they can take on the creative challenge to tell an original story through music. If you want to learn from amazing Award Winning Hollywood Composers. If you want to meet inspirational new friends and take your career forward. If you want to share your music with an award winning composer during a mentor session. If you want to hear your composition played live and recorded by the RTVE 40 piece orchestra, then we look forward to welcoming you to the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program, Spain 2021


Software Requirements If you are attending the GEMS summer program with the 40 piece orchestral recording you will require a computer with DAW software such as Logic. Also, the scoring software Sibelius is recommended to create your score and parts for the 40 piece orchestral recording and to share your score for review with Pete Anthony during your Orchestration Program. Our faculty provide technical support for Logic and Sibelius. You can get free 30 day trials for Sibelius You can get free 90 day trials for Logic If you are attending just the Pete Anthony Orchestration Program, you will need a computer with a scoring software such as Sibelius to create your score for review during the program.

8 First violins
6 Second violins
6 Violas
4 Celli
2 Double Bass
2 French Horn
2 Trumpets
2 Trombones
1 Tuba
1 Flute
1 Oboe
1 Clarinet
1 Bassoon

1 Timpani
2 Percussion

Sufficient time must be provided in your score for players to switch instruments during the recording of your composition.


What's Included: Tripple A pass Any classes on any one day
Personalised Official Program T-shirt
Official Photograph with Tutor/s


You can choose to either pay the full tuition fee including the deposit here and register your contact details and supporting materials afterwards, or submit your deposit to secure your place and be sent a link to complete your tuition payment by July 1st 2021 Once your tuition fee payment or deposit has been completed, you will be sent a letter of confirmation and welcome. An invitation to join our GEMS Facebook group where you will meet other participants joining the 2021 program as well as participants from previous programs, faculty and tutors.


For the September 2021 Christopher Young Program or the 2022 Scholarships application only. Your application check list items we require are: 1 A URL link to your music 2 A self photograph 3 Curriculum Vitae 4 Your Personal Statement Please submit your required portfolio items ready for your one to one mentoring session with Christopher Young. Prior to your one to one mentoring session, Christopher Young will receive & review your work, read your personal statement, your CV/Resume, put a name to a face and above all, listen to your compositions, ready for your one to one mentoring session. You can submit additional material such as a bio as separate items on your PDF.


Standard Tuition Fee: Film Scoring Program with the 40 piece orchestral recording · 1900€ ScoreLive Runnerup Awards: Film Scoring Program with the 40 piece orchestral recording · 1600€ GEMS Members Tuition Fee: Film Scoring Program with the 40 piece orchestral recording · 1600€ One Day Pass · 199€


Your 40 piece RTVE orchestral recordings will be sent via a digital transfer platform as Pro Tools Sessions to each composer within 48 hours after the recording.


If you still need help, don’t hesitate, don't wait, email us


The GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program will be held with our partner college here: CEV Calle Gaztambide 65
España The 40 piece RTVE orchestral recording will take place here with RTVE: Teatro Monumenal Calle de Atocha, 65
España Due to Coronavirus Pandemic GEMS may need to change, move, delayed, postponed, rescheduled or cancel the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program, Spain 2021.


6 scholarships are for 3 Contemporary Female Composers and 3 Contemporary Male Composers. 1000€ each deducted from the tuition fee.

The 6 scholarships will be awarded during April 2022 to 6 composers who have registered and deposited for the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program, Spain 2022. The scholarships can only be used for the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program 2022 including the orchestral recording. The 1000€ scholarships are deducted from the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program tuition fee for the 2022 program.

To qualify you need to submit all the required supporting documents and deposit, register for the full program.

If selected you will be notified by GEMS. GEMS Scholarships recipients must complete the tuition fee payment by June 1st 2022. Unclaimed scholarships will be redistributed in May 2022. GEMS Scholarships are only accepted for the full GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program. ScoreLive scholarship recipients are not eligible. One scholarship per individual.


For the September 2021 Christopher Young Program or the 2022 Scholarships application only. Your personal statement is your chance to tell the GEMS Board of Scholarships & Admissions, and the tutors, all about you, your music and your musical career to date, in about 500 words.
Try breaking your personal statement in to three parts:

The Opening Statement:
This is the first paragraph that will be read, so make it count. A strong introductory synopsis about you and your career goals will show you have begun to identify who you are, what you have achieved and what you are aiming towards. (guide 100 words)

The Main Content
Here you can blend a mix of personal, creative and academic development with relevant professional experiences, demonstrate your musical strengths and skills or your music business experiences. (guide 300 words)

The Closing Statement:
Your opportunity to close with a powerful message focusing on where you aim to be, how you can professionally contribute to the industry and where you can take your career.
(guide 100 words) We do not require any personal financial information in your personal statement.


All participants will need to send in a brief paragraph about themselves and a photo for the GEMS magazine by June 14th 2021. The GEMS magazine is for our Tutors, Faculty, Participants and selected music industry GEMS contacts. You will be sent a URL link to upload your info once you have paid the tuition fee.


For the September 2021 Christopher Young Program or the 2022 Scholarships application only. Writing a CV can be a daunting challenge. What to include? What to leave out? As the first former Graduate Admissions, Scholarships and International Careers Manager at Berklee, I created a simple first step guide for masters and undergraduate applicants to use as a stepping stone towards creating a great CV. The purpose or objective of any CV (resume in the USA) is to demonstrate clearly to the reader, how you meet the requested skill and experience requirements. It is a start, an introduction, that you can then amplify in person, as you move forward in the selection process. So try this approach - break your CV down in to the following 3 areas of interest and aim to keep your CV on a single A4 page. 1 Personal details - up to date 2 Education and training - your top 2 qualifications with a brief description 3 Professional experiences - your top 3 experiences/credits/awards with a brief description That is all we require from your CV, and it is a super starting off talking point for your one-on-one with Christopher Young, where you can expand and build upon what you wrote in person during your mentor session on the GEMS summer program. You can submit your own type of CV if you prefer.


For the September 2021 Christopher Young Program only: It’s all about the music, so let’s start with choosing the right music to share with GEMS Board of Admissions and Scholarships. Which ever composition you select, make sure that represents and reflects you and your current style as a composer. From a musical sketch to a completed piece. From a duet to full orchestra.

You can share a URL link to a single audio composition track created with a visual idea in mind.
You can share a URL link to a score to video, film, game or visual media.

We do not require a supporting score. You can submit additional music later if you wish for your one-on-one. This should be sent to us one month before the start of the program


What's Included: GEMS Pete Anthony Orchestration Program RTVE 40 Piece Orchestral Recording Bootcamp + Composition assignment Lunch with the Tutor/s Pro tools session Full copyright and ownership of your recording Additional MasterClasses Awards, scores, t-shirt, certificates End of Program Flamenco Party


Our tutors are from the Award Winning Hollywood film scoring community, including being tutors at the esteemed University of Southern California (USC) film scoring program. Our faculty are both experienced composers and established academics teaching music in Spain and Italy. Check out past and present faculty and tutors


To date almost 100 people from 27 countries around the world, have attended various GEMS programs since our launch in summer 2017. Inspirational and talented composers from all over the world have joined us, so you will be working in a true global village, meeting fellow composers bringing new, exciting and different skills and processes. Almost half of the participants last summer were women composers. Each year, undergraduates and masters students, new composers entering the industry to award winning established professional composers attend the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program, Spain. You are about to make new friends for life, from our diverse international community, building creative, cultural and professional relationships and work opportunities. One way to get an idea about the type of composers who will be joining the program is to look at who has previously joined and also returned. Meet the 2017, 2018, 2019 participants are hear their thoughts about the program. Interviews here


On our annual GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program, Spain we create a warm, kind, friendly, welcoming positive vibe in a supportive environment. We are a creative laboratory for the contemporary musician and creative artist by constantly developing, stimulating and improving our educational experiences and environment each year.

We know that you have made a big effort to attend and we want you to feel you made the right choice joining us. So please do check out our participant interviews from 2017, 2018 and 2019 to find out what they thought about the program and see if it is the kind of program you would want to join. Interviews here


Participants on the full summer program have a 40 piece RTVE orchestral recording included in the program.

You can record your original score from that composition assignment with the 40 piece RTVE orchestra. Check out the participants who recorded a mail title here

Alternatively, you can bring in another original composition you have written to record with the orchestra. It must use some or all of the orchestral lineup advertised. Check out some participants who brought in a different piece of music to record here


Due to the Coronavirus regulations we are currently not able to offer this opportunity. Meanwhile, check out the participants who conducted their mail title here


Coronavirus Refunds If the program is cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you will receive a full refund at what ever stage of the application process you are at. If the program is delayed, postponed, rescheduled, due to the Coronavirus pandemic you can either continue to secure your place on the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program with your tuition fee or deposit payments, or if you are unable to attend a new date, have a full refund. GEMS reserves the right to remove without refund any participant who fails to comply with our behavioural code of conduct. Do I own the music
Yes. You keep full ownership, all the authors rights to your original music you submitted. Your recording is for non commercial use. Should you wish to publish or use your music for any commercial or professional use, you will need to contact the orchestra and recording studio for a licence. For rights reasons, the music you submit, compose during the program and record with the orchestra, must be your own original composition.

If you are under 16 and joining us, you will need to make arrangements to have a parent, guardian or accompanying adult responsible for you, before and after the daily classes. You can attend the classes without supervision with written confirmation from a parent or guardian.
GEMS have the rights to use any content we make from the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program. The video of the recording session, interviews, blogs, all photographs and videos taken during the program, for promotions, marketing and publicity for future GEMS programs. By joining the GEMS program you do agree to provide a non-exclusive perpetual license to GEMS and founder Nigel Ashley Lees, to share, perform, and promote all or a parts of your work created and recorded on the GEMS program to help promote the program for future participants. Blogs: If you are awarded a GEMS Scholarship, you will be asked to write a daily blog during the program. This must be completed and published each day. Include a 150 word minimum text and 2 photos relating to the text. Videos are not included in the Blog. The full tuition fee is liable should the Blog not be completed. The recordings will last approximately 15 minutes. Recording times are guided and managed by GEMS and our conductor. If you have successfully recorded your composition and have a few minutes remaining we will move forward with the next recording. If you have not successfully completed your recording in the 15 minutes, no additional recording time above 15 minutes is provided. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic: ScoreLive Winners and 2nd Place Winners: Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, they are now invited to record their compositions on the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program ScoreLive Competition Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic:
ScoreLive Scholarships for the 24 ScoreLive 1000€ scholarship runner ups can either transfer thier scholarship to the GEMS 2022 summer program, when we hope the full program can return, or used some of the award towards the tuition fee for this years GEMS 2021summer program, and the rest towards the GEMS 2022 summer program. Tuition fees Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic:
All non selected ScoreLive participants can use their 250€ ScoreLive Scholarship to attend any of the GEMS summer programs in 2022 through 2022 one day pass. Alternatively, it can be use towards the 2021 summer program standard fee.
GEMS Members are offered a program discount for the 2021 summer program. Tuition fees Transfer Charges: GEMS will return your admissions and deposit fee with deducted bank, credit card or PayPal transfer charges we incurred upon receipt. Any return fee charges incurred by the recipient will not be included. Admissions fees will be returned via the same platform from which they were issued. If sufficient participants are not received by June 14th 2021, the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program may be postponed to 2022 and full refunds made to all those who had joined, deposited or enrolled. The published date for the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program, may be subject to change, due to the Coronavirus. We advise all bookings should be made once GEMS have confirmed the program will go ahead. Participants are fully responsible for any cancelation or costs for their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Hollywood Composers Residency is not transferable to another person. Dates to attend Upstart are subject to availability of Upstart. Rooms are gender orientated. It is not an offer of employment, nor a recruitment or employment agency. GEMS reserve the right to make all changes to the program, add updates, remove and cancel items on the program without replacement, replace tutors and faculty, change the dates of the program, change the location of the program and the recording, change the orchestra, change the orchestral lineup, delay, postpone, reschedule or cancel the program. All GEMS scholarships are nullified should the program not take place. All decisions by GEMS are final.


To pay your Tuition Fee
Pay the program tuition fee for your chosen program can be made via our website using Credit Card or PayPal here: Tuition Fees. Tuition fees can also be made by bank transfer. Contact us for our bank transfer details.

To pay your Deposit
Pay the program tuition 500€ deposit to secure your place on the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program 2021. Once your deposit has been received you will be sent a URL link to complete your tuition payment by either credit card, Paypal or bank transfer by JUNE 14th 2021.

For free transfers in Spain we accept Bizum
For Bank Transfer payments, please Contact us for our bank transfer details


Deposits & Tuition fees are fully refundable up to June 21st 2021
Deposits & Tuition fees are half refundable between June 22nd and July 4th
The above refunds policy is null and void during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please refer to FAQ 29 PROGRAM POLICY & GUIDE - Coronavirus Refunds


Now! Registration is open now here Registration closes July 1st 2021 Tuition fees deadline July 1st 2021


  • Be prepared to have an amazing day and have fun
  • Be punctual and on time for your recording
  • Be safe, bring a spare printed copy of your score and PDF score and parts to the recording
  • No food drink to be taken in to the live room or booth
  • Be professional in the live room or the booth, during other composers recordings
  • Mobile phones must be switched off during the live recording
  • Remain respectful towards fellow finalists, technicians, staff and musicians

Our program puts you and your music right in the heart of Hollywood

Register now to become a part of the GEMS international family, meeting industry professionals and fellow composers, have access to scholarships, mentors, orchestral recordings, career and education programs, experience life in Hollywood and many more amazing prizes

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