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Check out the brilliant music written by our students

and recorded by professional film scoring orchestras on the

GEMS Film Scoring Program, Spain

Jeff Markey
Matteo Maria Salvo
Paul Schmidt
Renatto Nuñez
Miguel Vallejo
Andrés Pena Composition
Luna Pan
Javier Camara
Sebastian Ruiz Composition 2
Tylla Ovezona Composition
Fernand Vega
Mirela Nita Composition
Natalia Martz Composition
Fernando Pérez Composition
Gabriel Evans Compositon
Yuliya Protasova Composition
Francesco Bortolussi Composition
Francisco Cuadrado Composition
Andrew Kirsty Composition
Piotr Nermer Composition
Alberto Tresguerres Composition
Ignacio Ferrando Composition
Maria Borg Composition
Damian Mizzi Compositon
Francesco Bortolussi Composition 2
Jon Wygens Composition 1
Sebastian Ruiz Composition 1
Joris Hermy Composition
Fernando Ortega Composition
Summer Program SPAIN
July 2023
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