Christopher Young

"It has been an absolute great week! Thank you very much for inviting me. I am thrilled to be your launching professor, your visiting Hollywood Dude."

 Past Program Highlights

The GEMS Christopher Young Film Scoring Program
June 27- JULY 05 Spain 2018

This years amazing Christopher Young Film Scoring Summer Program was simply brilliant! Joining forces were several award winning Hollywood Film and Game composers, and we concluded the program with a 40 piece orchestral recording. Check it out!

GEMS Visiting Guest Speaker & BAFTA winning Hollywood Video Game Composer Garry Schyman was in Madrid teaching his GEMS Video Game Scoring Program, that included tickets to attend the world premier of Bioshock Symphonic Suite concert.

The GEMS Christopher Young Film Scoring Program
July 11-15 Spain 2017

A unique opportunity to meet, work and be mentored by Christopher Young,  one of Hollywood's most renowned film composers. Included an orchestral studio recording of students work.

This had been Christopher Youngs first  film scoring program in Spain.