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Past Program Highlights



The 2021 GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program returned in style, following the 2020 global pandemic, by bringing in the big guns.

The GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program secured our orchestral recording with non other than RTVE, the Symphonic Orchestra of Spanish TV and Radio, plus big name music industry guests. An amazing return with in person composers and online composers joining us from all over the world. Due to 2021 Covid regulations, live shows were not permitted, and our Flamenco venue sadly close permanently.

Check out GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program 2021

Past Program Highlights



Pete Anthony

Legendary Hollywood Film Orchestrator Pete Anthony is back with more of his unbelievable orchestration program. Petes teaching and communication is effortless, cool, calm and so valuable. His experience and  knowledge has changed the way composers approached orchestration in relation to scoring before they recorded with RTVE Orchestra.

GEMS Sturdivant Adams.jpg

Sturdivant Adams

"GEMS is one of a kind. It was an incredible opportunity"

Eimear Noone - Gaming in Symphony 160818 - fotos af Kim Matthai Leland 103.jpg
Eimear Noone

Eimear Noone is a long time friend of the GEMS summer program and returned to give a talk on Conducting, Game Composition and working in the industry. Eimear brought such experience, energy and fun to her talk and Q&A and made every participant feel so excited and optimistic.

GEMS Leia Sofia Mendez.jpg

 Leia Sofia Mendez

"I’m incredibly grateful for Nigel for making this program possible"

First Artist Managment

 Alexander Vangelos is the Composer Agent at First Artist Managment LA. Alexanders talk & Q&A on Artist Managment was fantastic, what First Artist Managment look for in a composer and the professional, caring relationships that they create with their composers.

GEMS Therese Maria McCartin.jpg

Therese McCartin

"Absolutely super, I am so glad I did it."

Wise Music Group

Tim Hayes is the Senior Creative Manager at Wise Music Group in London. His brilliant talk and Q&A covered Commissioning and Licensing for both score and commercially released material from a publishers perspective.

GEMS Gijs van Amelsvoort gems.jpg

Gijs van Amelsvoort

"I absolutely loved the Gems program"

Dr. Juanjo Molina

Dr. Juanjo Molina, the lead instructor for the summer program, took on a new challenge this year to conduct the world famous RTVE, the Symphonic Orchestra of Spanish TV and Radio, for all our participants compositions, and as ever, he was flawless, creative and cool.

GEMS 2021 GEMS Stephen Morris .jp2

Stephen Morris

"GEMS film scoring program has thrown gasoline on the fire of my film scoring dream."

Student Reviews

Ukraine composer Yuliya Protasova and some of her fellow participants, sit down and talk about their experiences on the GEMS  Film Scoring Program, Spain,

Watch the  testimonial interviews here


Yuliya Protasova

"Fue increíble, una experiencia inolvidable!"

ScoreLive Border Big.jpg

This summer amazing composers who registered and entered the ScoreLive Competition joined us on this summers Gems Music Film Scoring Summer Program, Valencia Spain as part of their prize either the Winners, Finalists,  Runner Up’s. Can't wait to hear their live Orquesta y Coro RTVE orchestral recordings they wrote and watch their videos.

GEMS Composer Mentoring Sergio.jpg

Sergio Llopis

"Thank you Nigel for your passion and your time."


We were incredibly blessed to have our composers record their work with the fantastic RTVE, the Symphonic Orchestra of Spanish TV and Radio, recorded by RTVE Radio 3, at the legendary Teatro Monumental, in Madrid.  This is the best Orchestra in Spain. Listen to the compositions and main titles here

GEMS 2021 Domina Monriel_MG_7730.jpeg

Domina Monriel

"I simply can't describe how thankful I am to Mr. Nigel Lees"

GEMS Neil Brand
Neil Brand

Neil Brand is a broadcaster for BBC Radio 4 Film Program and a Silent Movie Composer. Neil taught his absolutely wonderful 4 day Masterclass covering Noir soundtracks, Sound design, minimalist scores, the click track origin, synth sounds and so much more

GEMS Cristina Zadia.jp2

Cristina Zadia

"Truly honoured to have participated, it was awesome"

Air Edel Group

Maggie Rodford is the Managing Director of Air Edel. Maggie joined us for her talk & Q&A on Music Supervision Artist Representation. On top of her amazing work, Maggie is also Chair of the BAFTA Archive, Heritage & Exhibitions Committee, and currently the President of the UK & European Guild of Music Supervisors.

GEMS Fernando Marin2.jp2

Fernando Marin

" I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Film Scoring Summer Program."


Once again GEMS will be partnering with CEV, a world class audio visual college, and for over 40 years it has been a center of excellence and a go to destination for  students aiming to work in the music industry. We are proud to be partnering once again with this wonderful institution.

 GEMS 2021 GEMS Wesley Wong.jp2

Wesley Wong


Nigel Ashley Lees Gems 2021_edited_edite
Nigel Ashley lees

Nigel Ashley Lees, is the founder of GEMS. His aim is to create exciting and purposeful experiences for musicians who are aiming to work in Global Entertainment. Each year he designs new programs where composers from all over the world can meet and have a great time together.

 GEMS 2021 GEMS Manuel Gonzalez.jpg

Manuel Gonzalez

" I had a wonderful time."

Women Composers 

Since we began the GEMS program, each year we support the inclusion of more women composers through our contemporary women composers scholarships program. This year we were thrilled to welcome the largest number of brilliant contemporary women composers, some who were award winning composers themselves, from all over the world. By financially supporting gender equality and diversity, we are aiming to help bridge this gap in the music industry.

GEMS Native Instruments winner Luna Pan_.jpg

Luna Pan

"An unforgettable experience that I’ll forever cherish."

Composer Videos

Check out some of the final videos edited with the produced music tracks. Awesome!



Our great pleasure


Kicking off this years program, Miguel Jimenez blew everyone away with his incredible Flamenco Guitar Show. In keeping with our tradition of visiting a Flamenco show during the program, due to the pandemic, we brought the Flamenco to us. Miguel opened the GEMS summer program playing wild, live and direct Flamenco

GEMS Judah Earl.jpg

Judah Earl

"The training I received at the GEMS program was a game changer"

GEMS Lolita.png
Lolita Ritmanis

Film Composer Lolita Ritmanis is the former President at Alliance for Women Film Composers and Member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.  Lolita  gave an Inspirational talk, exclusively for all our past and present GEMS Contemporary Woman Composers.

GEMS Denizcan Aktas.jpg

Denizcan Aktas

"It was truly a great experience to attend GEMS Program"

White Bear PR

Chandler Poling is the Publicist at White Bear PR. Chandler delivered his fantastic, comprehensive and brilliant talk and Q&A covering PR in the film scoring industry, the company ethos, the European market, and how White Bear support its family of composers.

 GEMS 2021 GEMS Javier Camera.jp2

Javier Camera

"Unforgettable experience."

Native Instruments

Since the very start of the GEMS film scoring summer program, we have had the honour of being supported by Native Instruments in Los Angeles and been able to award the Komplete DAW series as amazing awards for our participants in categories such as Best MockUp, Best Composition, Best Orchestration. Check out all the winners.

 GEMS 2021 GEMS Miguel Vallejo Amatriain.jp2

Miguel Vallejo Amatriain

"What a great experience!"

GEMS Faculty Francesco Menini 3.jpg
Dr. Francesco Menini

Dr. Francesco Menini, is support for our composers. He brings with him all the compositional and orchestration skills needed to help prepare our composers for the orchestral recoding.

 GEMS 2021 GEMS Roberto Enea Varalta.jp2

Roberto Enea Varalta

"The best!"

GEMS Magazine 2021

The 2021 edition of the GEMS Magazine for the film scoring summer program includes composer profiles, tutor interviews, timetable, events and lots more. 

GEMS 2021 Domina Monriel_MG_7730.jpeg

Domina Monriel

"This brilliant, unique experience being surrounded by these brilliant musicians"

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