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Andrzej Gladkowski


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Meet Andrzej Gladkowski

I am Andrzej Gładkowski and I live in Poland. I graduated from primary music school and high school playing the clarinet. I studied music at the Bydgoszcz Academy (Currently Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz). I play music, compose, arrange and teach.


Music is a passion that fills my life. I gained musical experience by playing in various bands, ranging from rock music, pop, playing the clarinet and baritone saxophone in Big Band as well as playing Polish folklore and choir singing. I played or sang with various bands and choirs in countries such as: France, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Norway, the Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, the Czech Republic. I'm currently teaching music in a primary school in my town. At my school, I produce, record, arrange and montage music videos with my young students.

I have always been inspired by classical music by Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, as well as film music. Composing was fun for me at first, but over time I wanted more. I decided to try my hand at film music competitions. This kind of music fascinates me a lot. I can tell my musical story of the film, create a unique atmosphere of the image of fun, horror, love, sadness. I like composing for a symphony orchestra, which I have always loved.


I took part in the film music competition "Film Music Contest 2022" and got to the semi-finals. In the next competition "Indie Film Music Contest Winter 2022" I qualified for the 9th place. And finally in the "ScoreLive Competition 2023" I am in the FINAL. As a prize, I will take part in the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program, Spain 2023. It will be a very valuable experience for me as a music composer.


Music Styles

Orchestral, Electronic.