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Domina Monriel


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Meet Domina Monriel

Distinguished by Greece's best-selling daily newspaper as "the Greek woman who united the whole world through music", Domina is the music composer as well as the creator & manager of the 2021 acclaimed project “Art Unites Us All”, which was also featured on and uploaded by TedxTalks.

More than that, her music was selected, among 1,773 tracks registered, by the Association of Music Supervisors as part of the Cannes Soundtrack. She is, additionally, a student of music composition for Film, TV and Video Games at Berklee College of Music (Berklee Online) and, what is more, Domina was appointed as the Ambassador of the GEMS Film Game Orchestration Scoring Program Spain 2021 with award-winning Hollywood composers & orchestrators being its leading figures. 

Domina is currently working as the music composer for the short films of the campaign “Exo Epignosi”, whose music is being recorded by the National Radio Symphony Orchestra of Greece (ERT). On December 2023, she also scored acclaimed photographer Serhat Alavci's exhibition "Tabloid Tales", displayed in Labirent Sanat Gallery, Istanbul.

In addition, on May 2022, Domina won the Tileyard Songwriting Camp Competition, with Tileyard being the world’s largest independent music community housing over 100 recording studios and 250 music businesses, including: Apple Music 1, Soundcloud, Platoon, Spitfire Audio, The Prodigy, Noel Gallagher, and many more.

As a singer, she is featured in the forthcoming project of Farzin Farhadi,which sets Rumi’s poetry to music. Finally, in 2019 her first book “Discussions without Name” was published.


Musical Styles

Orchestral (all genres), World Music, Hybrid, Acoustic, Songwriting