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Emma Trowbridge


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Meet Emma Trowbridge

I’m Emma Trowbridge and I compose music for film, video games, and picture books to reach the listener’s hearts. I’m half-Japanese, half-American and my music incorporates elements from both cultures and different genres.

I went to Berklee College of Music for college, where I majored in film scoring and minored in video game scoring. It was a wonderful experience composing music to scenes in films. I was able to connect my ideas to someone else’s visuals and make them a cohesive whole.

I was very musical as a child. I sang before I spoke. I started playing classical piano when I was six and jazz piano in 9th grade at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC. I also play taiko drums - a hobby I’ve had for about two years. It’s a lot of fun!

Growing up, I watched a lot of children’s media from many countries, such as Peter Rabbit, Scholastic videos, Pingu, Doraemon and other Japanese children’s shows. The music from them has inspired me to compose music for a variety of films, video games and picture books. A recent example of music I’ve composed is for the picture book, “A Day A Dog”. It’s very sad, but with a heart-warming (though unsentimental) ending. Another example is for the picture book “Elephant Buttons”, where I experimented with scales depending on each scene. I like children’s media so much that I’m doing a masters in it at Tufts University in Boston.


Music Style

Orchestral and Electronic