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Scholarship Applications


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Scholarship Applications

Once submitted the GEMS Board of Admissions will review your Scholarship Application and contact you with its decision on or before the advertised deadline.


Please submit the 2024 scholarships application check list items we require using the form below. If you have no music online you can send us an audio or video of your work for review via a file transfer paltform, or email to with the subject title: GEMS Scholarship Application 2024.


To qualify for the scholarship application you need to register, submit  all items and deposit by April 14th 2024.

Your Portfolio
If you have a website, music or videos online you would like to share, then please include the full URL below. If  not, no problem. You can submit your music and videos or all your portfolio via a file transfer service or email
Are you a composer for
Any URLs links you want to share to your original music you have composed. This can be audio, music to picture, songs, melody lines or musical sketches for any genre type. It does not need to be fully produced or completed, something you feel represents you as a composer where you are now.
Your photo
Upload a Photo of yourself
Your CV
Upload your CV / Resume PDF
Your Personal Statement
Any additional audio/video

Your portfolio has been submitted

Summer Program SPAIN
July 2024
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