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Portfolio Materials



Portfolio Materials

Once registered, you will need to submit the following items that will be used in the GEMS Magazine, Faculty Handbook and GEMS Composers Directory.

  • A short bio between 200 and 300 words

  • A link to your website or any URLs to your social medias site where visitors can access your music

  • A landscape photo of yourself

  • A resume or CV if you wish to include one

  • 2 audio files of your music

  • 2 video files of your music to picture if available

  • You can submit these items using

  • the form below

  • via email to

  • or send via a file transfer link

Your Portfolio
If you have a website, music or videos online you would like to share, then please include the full URL below. If  not, no problem. You can submit your music and videos or all your portfolio via a file transfer service or email
Your mobile phone /cell phone number to join our WhatsApp GEMS group
Any URLs links you want to share
Your photo for the GEMS Magazine
Upload a Photo of yourself
For your mentor session
Upload your CV / Resume PDF
Your text for the GEMS Magazine

Your portfolio has been submitted


GEMS Magazine

Here we add your landscape self photo, your short text and a URL link to your music for the GEMS Magazine '24 which I print and send to the tutors and guest speakers.

Your GEMS Magazine page will include your photo, email address, contact phone number, bio text and a link to your website or music.

You will receive your own copy in your GEMS Welcome Pack on arrival day. Your GEMS Magazine has tutor and alumni interviews. The other participants on the program. The timetable, events and more. It’s a great way to be remembered, put a name to a face and be contactable by the tutors and guest speakers.

GEMS Composers Directory.jpg

Composers Directory

Your Composers Directory page is private and exclusive for the guest speakers and program instructors to familiarise themselves with you and your work. We add your URL links, curriculum, contact details and audio video files to the page. You will have access to review and sign off before we share with the tutors.

After the summer program, you can sign our privacy policy and we will publish your page. You can remove, update, review, opt out at any time.

2023 GEMS Staff HandBook Christopher Young.jpeg

Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook is printed and given to each of the guests, tutors and faculty and includes your bio, curriculum and contact details for Christopher Young to read to prepare for your one on one mentor session. The faculty and guests refer to it during the summer program. The Faculty Handbook also contains the schedule times and dates for your sessions below which you have in your GEMS Welcome Pack:

  • RTVE Orchestral Recording 

  • One on one Mentor Session

  • Score Review Session

  • Any other meetings organised for you.

Remember to sign it for Christopher and any other guest speakers at the end of the program. It's another great way to build a professional relationship.

GEMS Programs .png

Facebook Group

Please send me a friends Facebook invite to

Nigel Valencia so I can include you to our private GEMS PROGRAMS group.


In the GEMS Programs Group you will be invited to share your music and introduce yourself. It's a friendly group where you can meet other composers joining this years summer program, get accommodation tips and even organise traveling together.


The group gives you access to past GEMS composers, tutors and visiting speakers and is where you will find all the up to date news and information about the 2024 GEMS Film Scoring Program, Valencia, Spain

Welcome Students .jpg

Digital Presence

During the Welcome Day we will add your photo to the digital TVs in the conference room to share with the other composers and help everyone get to know your name, including the guest speakers and faculty.

It's a great way to give you presence in the room, and  credibility and credence as a composer on the rise.


You can submit a second landscape photo for the Welcome day if you prefer.

Summer Program SPAIN
July 2024
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