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Gems - The BEST with the BEST by the BEST

I had two wonderful, unique, and unforgettable weeks participating in GEMS. I can only recommend it!

We had the opportunity to work with and listen to incredible professionals such as Christopher Young, Pete Anthony, Garry Schymann, and Eimear Noone. Talking about their work, processes, experiences, and challenges was very engaging and inspirational.

Everything from scoring films to orchestration to the business side of the industry was covered. It gave me an insight into the world I want to and am part of.

During my one-on-one lessons with Christopher and Pete, I saw my music from a new perspective and learned various ways how to approach scoring films and orchestration. Just after 2 weeks at GEMS, I feel much more confident and able to create memorable music for films.

I left GEMS with new knowledge, skills, connections, and friends from all around the world. I enjoyed every moment of it and am extremely thankful to have been part of this - memories, people, events, and laughter I'll never forget.

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