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4th day at GEMS 2021: A Grand Strategy game

8th July

I'm in the middle of re-adapting the work I did. Originally the template I composed for was very different from the one we are going to record with. And I'm realising, now more than ever, the need to set limitations to activate resourcefulness. Usually we are used to working with Sibelius and an infinite palette of infinite resources and now, with our feet in the real world, with a real orchestra, I have to strategise how to make my track sound as powerful, as deep and as heavy as possible.

Pete's indications of the last few days about the colour of the instruments are working, making the most of the timbre, the registers. Above all I feel that I'm much more comfortable on the woodwinds, I'm exploiting the possibilities of the Oboe like never before.

Today the classes started with a talk by Maggie Rodford from AIR-EDEL. She told us in a very warm and close way things about a world that we normally see in a cold and distant way. The supervision of contracts, things about negotiation, networking, etc. And her recommendation: we should be original and not try to copy a generic style of composing at all costs. I value those words very much, and maybe they are the reason why I have a confidence boost right now.

Today was also our final session with Pete Anthony. And it's the session where I was able to show him my work. We got right down to very specific questions about technique, fingering and issues that I never thought would matter so much. Everything here is about how to make the best use of resources in the most optimal way, a great game of strategy. Thanks Pete!

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