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5th day at GEMS2021: Bootcamp

Day 5: Bootcamp

I was very curious about Juanjo Molina's Bootcamp. They taught us all about how to get a score ready before taking it to the printer. This is very useful. Working with a real orchestra means a lot of money, so we can't afford mistakes, questions and doubts in the minutes of recording. Juanjo has given us a very useful protocol so that we don't forget anything.

The day continued with the presence of Eimar Noone. She talked about her experience as a composer and conductor. Once again, showing us from the hand of a first calling professional what it is like to work on the front line in this industry.

Continuing with the session, we had Chandler Poling, president of White Bear PR. An excellent talk in which, apart from explaining what a PR agent is and how to take advantage of them, he gave us notions of branding. European songwriters are generally more reluctant to self-promotion, probably because of the dynamics of the market and the culture. That's why all these tips came in handy. So, if in the morning we had Juanjo's checklist, in the afternoon we had our self promotion checklist.

Certainly, I consider that I have a very special way of making music that is quite different from what I usually listen to in current films and videogames. And that, over the years, may have made me think that it's difficult for me to break into the industry. I think I'm not the only one who thinks this way, and it's great to hear from someone who understands so much, that this individualisation/specialisation is a genuine advantage rather a disadvantage.

The day ended with Neil Brand's last session. Everything counts, how a simple sound can be conditioned by the image (or the absence of image) and completely change the intentionality. Thanks Neil! Your lessons have been inspiring.

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