Day 1: What a day, what a day!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Day 1 of the film scoring program, and I am indeed happy to report that I did NOT get lost this time! That's right, I accurately followed google maps to the business centre (okay so maybe I took the wrong turn like once BUT I noticed pretty quickly). The uphill walk (to later meet Andy Hill...hehehe) was pleasantly breezy at 9.30 in the morning, can't say it was easy getting up though.

The program started off with a hearty hello from both Nigel and Juanjo, followed by an introductory talk led by Nigel, discussing last year's program outcome, as well as mentioning all the guest composers which will be giving masterclasses these next few days, and of course, Christopher Young!

We soon moved on, to begin with Juanjo Molina's class, which focused on the process of film scoring; from sketch to score, as well as the more practical, logistical process of composing in relation to the usual film production timeline. We delved into the gradual blending of sound design with film scoring, as technology in these times progresses further and quicker than ever before, with a brief overview regarding the history of film composers in the past 100 years.

After some attentive listening, we went off to have lunch together at the nearby square, where we all got to know each other better, and you know, ate some pretty good food too - ordering food was pretty entertaining, since we needed the locals in our group to be translators for the waitress. Thanks guys, probably would've had to mime a LOT more than we did, had it not been for you!

After concluding Juanjo's interesting further discussion following a slightly long lunch time (whoops), we got to meet the guest speaker of the day: Andy Hill. Andy went into great detail about the tension and release in music, demonstrating using a graph as a clear example, while dictating a scene of a love-struck detective, to a lying witness, and how the tension and release varied throughout that scene. Andy also emphasized the importance of pattern and recognition in composing, further giving us tips on how to write memorable melodies.

I have to say, this was a pretty long day. Buuuuuut can't forget to mention the DELICIOUS pizza that Nigel kindly got us during Andy's class, which basically made everything better and my god, that pizza, man.

This was a pretty cool start to the program, and gave us a taste of how busy we will be for the next 10 days! But hey, if we didn't want to be busy, we wouldn't be in Madrid right now!

Day 2 tomorrow; meeting Christopher Young! Can't Wait!

- Maria

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