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Day 5 - 'Where's the blu-tac gone?!'

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

The nerves were slightly high today, as some of us had started our assignment, while others hadn't. We all know how close the deadline is, and we all want to get it done, and make sure it's done by the deadline. That said, I'm quite sure that we all love a challenge - otherwise what would we be doing here?

Nigel continued his career development lessons today, focusing on how to get the best letters of recommendation, ideally one that highlights both one's professional and personal highlights. We also discussed the nature of the music business, and what will get you more known around both the national and international circle.

Our lesson with Christopher started at around 10.30, as he walked in with his iconic fedora covering his head, and a navy blue blazer - adding to his already evident charm. I've never visited LA (yet), but I can't help think that he definitely looks like he lives there...ah the power of Hollywood, man.

Today we discussed our titles further, this time discussing Drag Me to Hell further, he also gave us some tips on spotting with directors - what to do and what not to do. Suuuper useful stuff for the future I'm sure.

We then discussed different musical approaches for specific movie genres, such as; mystery, suspense, passage of time, etc. This personally gave me some more ideas on how to compose for horror, including compositional techniques for such. Christopher also looves to show us examples using some of his favourite movie tracks, which makes everything clearer and funner. He also always takes brief intervals in our classes to tell us an exciting story from the world of LA, whether it might be his own or not - they're pretty damn juicy stories too.

The guys and I tried out a new salad bar today at lunchtime, it was way healthier than anything we've eaten this week, that's for sure! Whoever said salad can't taste great too, anyways?

As our lunchtime struggled to come to an end (as it does, pretty much everyday), we returned back to class and Christopher continued speaking about specific movie genres. After the class, we had a slight change of pace as GEMS hosted a live Facebook stream of a Q&A with Christopher Young, Nigel, and Gorka Oteiza (while I did the most difficult job of holding the camera - jeesh man, what would they do without me?)

This then was followed by a masterclass with Craig Stuart Garfinkle, who spoke mostly about preparing your score for the orchestra - something we all need right now as the recording soon approaches.

As the days go by, the days get funner as we all get to know each other a little better, we get more comfortable with what we're composing, yet we also grow more excited for the recording. This is definitely going to be quite an experience, and honestly, I'm pretty damn excited for it, .man.

Day 6 upcomin', fellow humans!

- Maria

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