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Day 6: "Just bash the keys, guys!"

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Hello again, my lovely readers! I know what you're thinking 'day 6? hold on, wasn't that yesterday?' Weeeelll..Yes. Yes, it was. But you see, I was busy with (you guessed it) composing the orchestration. Let me tell ya, I wasn't the only one - pretty much none of us got much sleep,in fact some of us got NONE at all, but it'll be worth it on Thursday. Definitely.

But anyways! Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away - haha, just kidding. So yesterday was a pretty fun day (again). We had another major assignment from Christopher - it was pretty scary too. We had to improvise at the piano, to a killer-chase scene from the movie Copycat (1995). It was a pretty chaotic scene as you can imagine, involving some stabbing and a whole lot of running. Pretty hectic stuff.

Now, I'm not gonna lie - I'm quite sure everyone was scared out of their minds for this one. As we all sat there waiting to go up to do it, waiting for the improvisations to start, you could really feel the tension in the room. Now maybe I felt it because well, I was incredibly nervous myself - shaking really, but everyone was definitely more silent than usual. Of course we had no reason to be so nervous, Christopher just wanted us to get out of our overthinking heads (or get the ' Jiminy Cricket 'off our shoulder, as he says), but I guess people rarely actually have a reason to be nervous, after all...but we still get nervous, like, a lot.

Christopher emphasized that we should really not think about it, keep going with an ostinato pattern throughout, and just feel the rest. He told us' just bash the keys on the piano, be violent, be primal' to be exact. So he wasn't expecting complicated harmonies...just intense rhythms. It's funny, before we actually went up, I thought of one rhythmic ostinato...I knew I wanted to bash the keys to begin with (as most people did), but as soon as the scene came up, I thought of nothing. But I did come up with a completely different ostinato than the one in my head, but hey, it worked. Trust yourself, man! It always works out for the best when you do.

For Tuesday, we had to have our pieces basically done, mocked up in an audio file and of course synced in with the video. I won't go into much detail about that, because well, then you wouldn't read my day 7 blog! *insert evil laugh here*

Soon, so very soon, we record. The day continues to creep up and get closer, and boy oh boy, this is gonna be an experience, man. I can feel it.


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