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Day 9: "I'm too excited to sit down, dang it!"

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Day 9 was an early start. My lovely blogging bro Joan and I had to go earlier than everyone else for the recording sessions to help with anything needed as well as to tape the scores together. We met up at 8.15 with Nigel and Francesco. Not gonna lie, the waking up part was super difficult after the first night out with the guys,since we had no more composing to do.

We started taping all the scores together, which proved to be a pretty hefty task. It was pretty tedious and difficult to do, especially the A3 conductor's score. Buuut we eventually got better at it, after some help from Francesco and just getting more practice. The recordings started at 10am, mine was supposed to be happening first but some problems came across with the score format in the email, so it was rescheduled to after the break. This made me bit more stressed out, but nothing too bad.

Everyone came to the recordings pretty early, since everyone wanted to listen to each other's recordings and such.

After a few recordings, we broke off for a break and went for lunch together at a nearby restaurant. So...this restaurant included a bottle of wine with the set menu - it was really good wine...which might have possibly led to too much bubbly giggling. I swear the guys stared at me laughing at nothing for a good 10 minutes. BUT hey, dinner and a show right? We later returned to the recordings to continue, after a pretty nice lunch.

All of the recordings I heard were pretty amazing - everyone's pieces were so impressive, even though we only had 3 days to compose it AND orchestrate it! When we recorded, man. I was SO excited, I was pretty much running around the place - an orchestra was about to play my piece! IT WAS SO GREAT MAN!

I mean...all the noises and sounds you heard in your head just coming to life through real musicians. It was a pretty surreal experience, and pretty much every composer I spoke to agreed with me.

After the recordings finished, we all very happily went home and later met up for a Flamenco night in a local restaurant. It was really impressive, poly rhythms everywhere!

Not gonna lie though, I was upset at the fact I don't know when I'll see the guys next. All I can say is though, they're all such great people, really! It was such a good group and I'm really glad I got to meet every one of them. This course was definitely a one-in-a-million experience; it not only taught me so much, but also boosted my self confidence by so much.

All I can say is, if you're thinking about it but you're a bit frightened - please just do it. If I've learned anything on this trip, it's that when you do stuff that scares the crap outta you, it really pushes you forward, so much so as well.

Unfortunately, this is my final goodbye, but hey, maybe next year, right?!

Thanks for being such attentive readers, guys!

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