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GEMS goes to Hollywood - meet Nacho

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Each year the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program organise for our students to visit and stay with Christopher Young in Los Angeles. WOW! Many participants from the GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program have benefited from this amazing opportunity placing them in the heart of Hollywood with an amazing Hollywood host. Check out their stories.

GEMS goes to Hollywood - meet Ignacio:

Ignacio Ferrando is a Spanish film and opera composer, who joined the 2018 GEMS Film Scoring Summer Program, and came back to see us in 2019. As part of joining the GEMS program, Ignacio and his film and opera composer brother went to stay with Christopher Young in Los Angeles in 2018.

Check out Spanish Film Composer Ignacio Ferrando and his brother rockin' in LA.

My brother and I had a great time in LA with the great composer and lovely person Christopher Young.

It was our first time in USA and everybody we met, from the police to the waiters were very friendly. You can understand from the first moment that LA is the place for music and entertainment industry. It seems a place with much more opportunities than Europe, specially Spain, of course; although there is nothing easy, as everywhere.

There are a lot of composers but also a lot of directors and scriptwriters so there is a lot of activity. We enjoyed the sunny weather while the county was recovering by the wildfires. We met Christopher Young's nice guys at his office and we enjoyed one of Young’s USC Film Scoring Program lectures at his office watching his last movie and listening to some of his new scores. Compared to Spain where usually the composer is also the music producer, arranger, orchestrator and everything you can imagine about music in a film, in LA every task has its specialist.

For us a very interesting and enriching experience. With no doubt we want to give us a chance in LA. And this great adventure started this summer when I joined the GEMS film scoring program where I met and studied with Christopher Young.

Thanks to being on GEMS program, I got a chance to be invited to stay with Christopher Young at his home in LA.

Check out Nacho and the Ferrando Bros. music here!

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