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Travel, travel, travel - pre-program Tales!

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

So tomorrow's the first day of the Christopher Young Film Scoring Program - today, the nerves began, and so did the travelling. I am of course just one of the number of students participating in this program, taking place in Madrid.

My starting point was Malta; a tiny country which is also located in the Mediterranean. Since Spain is pretty nearby, I assumed it would be a similar country to Malta in most aspects, but from the few hours I've been here, I can assure you - it's not the case. All the roads are gorgeous, and full of statues and so much greenery. Although, I can't lie, the first thing I thought as soon as I walked out of the airport was "Holy canoli, it is HOT" - this coming from a Mediterranean, who's pretty used to warm and sunny weather. But nonetheless, the country is indeed gorgeous, from what I've seen for a few hours.

All I can say for now is, I'm already so glad that I've decided to join this film scoring program, just for this beautiful city! And that's before we even got to the fun, film scoring stuff!

Tomorrow it begins, and so the adventure continues. Until tomorrow!


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