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A day of great emotions

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

The last day of the GEMS summer program was huge.

We had the recording of our works with a 50 piece orchestra with Harp. We went to a professional conservatory, which was near Madrid.

On the way to the conservatory I still could not believe it would happen, until we got there and saw a beautiful, huge room and the musicians arriving and taking their seats. God, what an illusion and what nerves! My work, they will interpret it now, and it's all real, it's not a dream!!!!!!!

Last check-up of whether everyone had the score and off to the stage!

When the first notes of my piece were played, it was an incredible feeling. For the first time I'm in front of an orchestra of professional musicians who are premiering my work - it's not a dream!!!

With the first take, I was already happy with how they interpreted it, it sounded incredible and there are no words to express my emotions that I was going through. I want to relive that moment again and again !!!

Thanks GEMS and the founder Nigel Ashley Lees for those happy moments!!!!

Part of the GEMS 2019 film game and orchestration summer program Spain

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