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Day 7: Mock-up galore!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

See, I keep saying' what a day!' in pretty much every post of mine - but how can I not? Every single day has been great; productive, yet so enjoyable. Today was probably one of the most important days yet; everyone presented their mock-ups in class. In case you don't know, a mock-up is basically a midi version of the orchestral music, synced up to the video as intended. It's usually done to present to clients/directors when pitching your music to them. Considering the recording is just in 2 more days, you can imagine how vital this 'show and tell' was today.

We pretty much spent a whole day on these; we went through each and every one, initially explaining our structure and intention with the score, along with what we want to keep/change, then we watched it, then Christopher commented on anything he saw needed work - while still wearing the fedora, of course. He was wearing a purple blazer today though, along with a green top! He was lookin' like the Joker, guys! *internal screams of joy*

Anywho, back to the mock-ups. Everyone had SUCH good mock-ups, my gosh. SO GOOD. It's also so interesting to see the different ideas different people came up with, even with the same video. I personally did the horror movie title track, Drag Me to Hell. I had a way more positive reaction than I expected, I mean, really! It made me realise how important it is to try, even if you're 'sure' that you're going to fail, just try it. Every time in this course (and many other times in life) that I've done something I was absolutely terrified of, it turned out great. Serious life lesson there, dudes.

SO for tomoorrroowww, we have to prepare our orchestrations, ideally down to a T, because both Juanjo and Francesco will be helping us out with it, and checking that all the parts and such are in order. Very important stuff, to avoid losing any time during the actual recording, since we have 20 minutes each - all the time we have is precious. I'm sure everyone is working hard (as am I) on the orchestrations tonight, then tomorrow is the final day.

Not gonna lie, it was pretty sad knowing today was our last day of classes with Christopher. and knowing we might not be seeing each other for quite a while after Thursday. I have to say, everyone in this group has been amazing, and everyone is so easy to talk to. I really feel like we all got so close to each other in just a week or so.

See you again tomorrow, for day 8 (woah those numbers keep goin'


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