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Lunch Invitation with Chris Young

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

During the GEMS Summer Program you not only have film socring program with Hollywood film music composer Christopher Young but as a part of the GEMS Summer Program, GEMS invites you to share a lunch with Christopher Young, in a more informal social setting.

Chris is such an amazing and kind person who remembers your personal problems which you share with him earlier. He is very attentive person who is keen to speak with you and he even will try to help you with your difficulties. During our discussion I felt like I met my best friend whom I hadn't’t see for a while.

During our lunch together we were talking as a group of friends about our goals, favorites, work progress and life directions. It was the best lunch of my life.

Big Thanks to a great human being and composer Christopher Young who I was lucky to spend time with during such a well organized GEMS Summer Program 2019.

Thank you GEMS for including this amazing cool and original opportunity for us as a part of the GEMS Summer Program - a Hollywood lunch in Spain!

Part of the GEMS 2019 film game and orchestration summer program Spain

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