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Lunch with Christopher Young

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

At lunch, I could not believe that Christopher Young was sitting next to me, a great Hollywood composer, sitting down and chatting, because he did everything possible to make us feel comfortable.

My colleagues and I have been able to talk about everything, about our lives, where we come from, our passions, favorite composers, jobs, goals for the future and all of this he listened to with great care while sharing with us his experience in the world of Hollywood. Also, at lunch with us was the GEMS student from last year and Chris´ student, Fernando Ortega.

It has been a pleasure to meet you. A super nice and talented guy, he told us about his excellent experience in GEMS 2017 and his plans for the future and that we never have to give up. Really, it has been a pleasure to be able to enjoy amazing company and delicious food, share laughs and stories, what more can you ask for? =)

Part of the GEMS 2019 film game and orchestration summer program Spain

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