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My 1st orchestral recording 😍🎶

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Like everything else in the world, this course too came to an end but not before offering us one more wonderful thing to remember: the fruit of our labor throughout the course, aka the recording of the main title we chose to score. And boy, what an experience! I don’t find anything more rewarding than having live musicians give life to your music.

You can write all right in a DAW, have the best mock-up there is but to me, nothing compares to the soul & emotions you get from a live performance.

That’s priceless and something I’ve always dreamt to achieve so I’m truly grateful to Nigel Ashley Lees for making this possible through the GEMS Summer Program and I’m also grateful to the GEMS conductor - Juanjo Molina and the wonderful musicians of Mad 4 Strings who performed the GEMS‘ students scores! 🙏😍🖤🎶

That’s certainly something I’ll remember for a long time! 🎶🖤🎶

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