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Day 7!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

A sad day today as we bid farewell to both Christopher Young and Garry Schyman, both of whom are not just extraordinary composers but also two extremely generous, kind and friendly men.

Today we heard an amazing series of presentations from Garry, who took us through his scores for the video games Torn, Bioshock, and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War as well as giving a masterclass on looping, layering, hybrid orchestration and an especially fascinating talk on aleatoric writing. My brain can barely keep up with how much I've learnt today!

Later I had my one on one with Chris, which was just so inspiring, reassuring and enlightening. It's been both a pleasure and a privilege to be taught by him for the past week and I feel I have come away more determined and inspired and than I could ever have dreamt! Thank you so much to both Chris and Garry for an incredible week!

And next, we began Pete Anthony's orchestration program, I can't wait!!

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