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Participant Tale: Francisco Jose Cuadrado

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Ah, week 2 has arrived in our series of (new) participant tales! This week we will be talking about another new participant in the 2019 GEMS Film and Visual-Media Scoring Program; Francisco Jose Cuardrado.

About Francisco

Francisco is from Seville, Spain and is already a pro in the film-scoring sector really. In fact, he is a professor and researcher at the Universidad Loyola Andalucí, where he teaches music/sound for film as part of the Communications degree, as well as Music Education and Teaching as part of the Education Degree.

Other than that, Francisco is also a freelance composer and sound designer, and has been working as such for the past 20 years, as well as teaching music technology for 16 of them, too. My, my, what a multitasker, huh?

Why join the program?

So now that you know a bit about what Francisco does, why did he decide to join the program? He’s already so well into the industry, clearly. Great question! Well, he found out about it through one of our very own instructors; Juanjo Molina. You’ll be sitting in many of his classes during the program if you’re attending it; they’re pretty fun classes, too, and chock-full of interesting discussion!

Francisco knows Juanjo from a few years back, and was told about the program by him, “he showed me the videos in the past year and I got interested in it. He convinced me to do it”, Francisco explained to me. You can check out these videos here, listen to what our past participants have to say! Join us for 2019!

Francisco’s Music

Anyways, back to the man of the week! Francisco has got quite some experience in the music industry; he is currently working on his own album, entitled Relatos Cortos, which, as he describes it, consists of “different music pieces from soundtracks I composed in the past as well as autonomous compositions”! He’s scored various tv shows such as; Como el Agua and Colors, an animation called Fridge Affair and many more! If you’d like to listen to his work, click here:

What about the program tutors?

As I spoke to Francisco more about the program, he tells me that he knew most of the tutors already! “…I know Christopher Young especially – I know a lot of his soundtracks, especially Spiderman 3, I love the Spiderman soundtrack! But also a lot of his previous works: Runaway Jury, Hellraiser, Copycat, Entrapment…I also knew about Pete Anthony, he has worked with Elfman, Powell and so on, so I knew about him”.

Well guys, you heard it from him, not me! That’s right, we will be having Christopher Young, Pete Anthony and Gary Schyman! How much better can it get?

Are you excited for the program, Francisco?

I asked Francisco if he’s excited about the program, and this is what he had to say! “I am very excited for the program. In fact, I have started to prepare the score of one of my previous compositions to record this just in case I’m not completely satisfied with the one I compose during the course”. Great thinking, Francisco…I might just have to do the same, too.

Tune in next week for more new-participant tales!

Writen by the one and onlyMaria Borg

Find out more about the program and what it’s got to offer by clicking here: Program Details

Hurry and book soon, early bird ends 31st Dec 2018!!! Wouldn’t wanna miss it, would ya?! Early Bird Tickets here

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