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The day that will go down in history. MY history 🖤🎶

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Day 3 of the course was intense on SO many levels!!! 😱 I’ll try to keep it short but unlike my colleagues, I’ll talk about our day from a completely different perspective.

Yesterday was a very special day. It was the day my music hero walked up to me before the class started, took my hand in his hand and shook it while looking me in the eyes and telling me “ I’ve listened to your music last night and I loved it! Great job! Great job!! BRAVO!!!”

Now... those who know me & my appreciation for Chris, can probably imagine the little stroke I had in that moment 😅🤣🙈 I was shocked & overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions. I immediately started to shake uncontrollably and as usual, ended up with a huge smile on my face 😍 I couldn’t believe what just happened and what my ears have heard 😱 I thanked him and told him how much I appreciate it and how much that means to me, he smiled and went to his place, to prepare for the class.

Then... a couple of minutes later, after he was done preparing the materials for the class, he looked at me with a smile and... walked up to me agin and shook my hand again and told me how impressed he was with my music and told me that he made notes and that will tell me more about it later, in our 1 on 1 session. all part of the GEMS Summer Program, WOW! That’s when I realised that he was serious about it. He was genuine. The first time he said it, I thought he was just being polite and supportive but when he said it the 2nd time... the way he said it, made me realize that he actually meant it! He was touched & genuinely impressed and well... To have that level of appreciation from the person you’ve admired and appreciated so much over the years for the same reasons is... no small feat. It was priceless and I’ll remember this moment forever!!! 😍🖤

Then the 1 on 1 session followed in the evening, at the end of our day of courses. And THAT’S where the magic happened. 😍 Being able to connect to him on a personal level, to have his undivided attention, it was surreal. The detailed feedback and the eagerness and passion he presented it with, was something I’ve never experienced before yet something I’ve always (secretly) dreamt and hoped to get from someone. ANYONE. But getting that from him, well.... made up for all the years of lacking it. 🤪🖤 There’s A LOT more to tell, some more general, some more personal but I’ll leave it at this as I have to get ready for our next class together 😍🎶

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so here is our picture from the end of our 1 on 1 session! 😍🖤🎶

I wish Nigel Ashley Lees, GEMS, and everyone else who helped me get here and experience these amazing things, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! You’ve changed my life forever!!!🙏☺️🖤 A wonderful day!

Big hugs & loads of love from sunny Madrid! 🤗☀️🖤🎶

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